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Imagine for a few minutes what life would be like if you could not read. What would it be like to work, to shop, to travel, or to do the simple things that we take for granted, like ordering food in a restaurant? If you are embarrassed by your inability to read, you might go to great lengths to hide it, concealing your shame and never being able to reach your full potential. Imagine if you were a child in school and the embarrassment you would feel when your teacher asks you to read aloud or to read a chapter in your social studies book, and then answer questions about it. You might be told that you were lazy, or stupid, or worse, and you might even start to believe that those hurtful words were true.

In North Carolina, about 22% of adults struggle with very basic literacy skills, and about that same percentage of students in school struggle to learn to read. Since 2004, the Buffalo Creek Literacy Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has quietly worked with adults in or around Stokes County who cannot read by providing free one-to-one tutoring. Since 2012, we have begun to work with children who are having difficulty learning to read. We need your help.

Since taking over the Buffalo Creek Literacy Project from its founder, Mary Lee, I have become convinced that we can make a real and significant difference in the lives of the children and adults we tutor within our community and in the continuing fight against illiteracy. Our volunteer tutors have given an immeasurable gift of their time, often providing support to their student that extends well beyond reading instruction. I’m asking you to help by considering a tax-deductible gift to the Buffalo Creek Literacy Project. No one is paid for what we do for Buffalo Creek, we are all volunteers.  The direct cost of training a tutor is about $250, nearly all of which pays for materials that a tutor will eventually use directly with their student. To meet the needs in our community, we need more trained tutors.

If you are currently tutoring through the Buffalo Creek Literacy Project, I am unable to thank you enough. If you have tutored in the past, please consider tutoring again. If you are unable to tutor, please consider a financial gift to recruit, train and support our tutors.

P. O. Box 626, Germanton, NC 27019   336-816-7758

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  1. marla bryant says:

    Please tell me if you have any training and teaching classes near Pilot Mountain or Pinnacle? If so I would be very interested in teaching literacy. Thankyou.

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