2018 Annual Appeal Letter

November 19, 2018

Dear Supporters,

2018 has been a good year for students of the Buffalo Creek Literacy Project. Here is how your donations have impacted a few of them.

A child in a lower elementary school was experiencing great difficulty in reading and was falling behind as the class progressed. Through our program, we learned that the student was missing the basic skills of sound recognition and phonics. With weekly sessions, consistent parental support, the student’s willingness to work hard and the Buffalo Creek Literacy Project, she is making great progress!

An upper elementary student went from struggling to finish reading and understanding a story to passing the rigorous North Carolina End of Grade test (EOG) with flying colors! Just as importantly, this student is developing a true love of reading.

Illiteracy doesn’t discriminate. Our adult students are experiencing reading success for the first time in their lives! It is no quicker a process just because they are older, as many have to start from square one – just like an elementary student. It is thrilling to see adults read a recipe, a bible verse or a sports article, for the first time in their lives, and to watch them beam with pride at their newfound skill – reading!

Please consider a monetary gift to the Buffalo Creek Literacy Project for the citizens of Stokes County who so desperately need a break in life. We have found that the “gift” of reading is one of the best breaks they could have.


Jeff Pratt, Director

Buffalo Creek Literacy Project


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